Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common questions that we have received from clients.  We have tried to answer them as succinctly and specifically as possible.  If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


What is the minimum number of people for a team tour?

We specialize in organizing sports tours for groups of 15 or more people.  This can include players, coaching staff, team administrators, parents, player's siblings, and anyone else who you would like to join the group.  We offer discounts for groups of 30 or more participants.

Do I need any vaccinations to travel to Costa Rica?

No vaccinations are required for U.S. and Canadian citizens to enter Costa Rica. If you are traveling from other countries, please check the Costa Rican embassy web site:  You are unlikely to encounter any serious diseases in Costa Rica. Sanitary standards are high and the health system is excellent.  If you have special health concerns, we recommend that you check with a physician with knowledge of Travel Medicine.

How old should the players be to travel to Costa Rica?

We have hosted players as young as nine years old.  Costa Rica is a very family friendly destination and player's parents and younger siblings often join the tour.

Do I need a visa or passport?

U.S., Canadian, and many European citizens may enter Costa Rica with only a valid passport but do not need a visa.  If you are traveling from another country please check the Costa Rican embassy web site:

Will my medical insurance cover me in Costa Rica?

We require that every tour participant has his/her own medical insurance that covers him/her during the tour. Contact your insurance company to find out whether it will cover you on international trips.  If it does not, we can recommend some travel insurance companies that our clients have used in the past.

Do you provide travel medical insurance?

We do not offer travel medical insurance as part of our tour packages. However there are many insurance companies that provide this service.  For example, you can buy travel insurance online with IHI Danmark Bupa  or any company of your choice.

Who would we play volleyball against in Costa Rica?

When matching your team to Costa Rican opposing volleyball teams, we carefully take into consideration your team's age, competitive level, recent tournament performance, and other factors.

What other teams have traveled with your company?

We have hosted over 100 boys' and girls' sports teams from different competitive playing levels since 1995.  The majority of our client teams are college teams, high school teams, and club teams.  See what our clients are saying about us.  Check out testimonials, videos and photos from our previous volleyball tours.

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